Tom Wright – Penguin Live Lecture (April 9th, 2017)


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This was a real eye opener for me and I’m using this idea myself now and loving it. It has changed the way I view performing table magic for corporate work and with a busy holiday season I’m looking forward to using this all season.” – Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine

“To create an original magic effect is rare. Tom has created a whole new genre! Stand up Magic could change the way close-up workers perform magic forever. It’s an incredible idea taught with a passion and belief rarely seen. Every magician needs to see it, understand it and try it for themselves.”
– Matthew Wright two-time FISM award winner

“Tom has the best chop cup routine I have ever seen.” – David Penn

“What separates this from all other levitations is the distance from the performer when the coin drops and hovers. If there was only one coin and ring levitation to buy it should be this one! It’s a real worker in real environments. IT’S A Fxxxxxx MINDBLOWER!!!” – Joe Monti

What will he teach?

Chill Haunted deck in spectators hands

Card Out of Mouth

Chop Cup Game Show

Oblivion This is quite simply, the world’s best handling for the floating, spinning coin, with a jaw-dropping kicker!

Psychic touching

Stand-Up Magic Talk

Bottle production & shoe A shocking opener or closure to your set. This is a jaw dropper.

Name Killer A signed card transposition routine. Very visual and a little ambitious.

Chop Cup Game Show Tom’s take on the classic chop cup! A very entertaining, engaging and clever theory.

Bottle through table Another classic of magic taught very well with some great tips.

Talking about stand-up magic, getting more attention from your spectators, louder applause, and better reactions. Don’t miss it!

Who is he?

Tom Wright is one of the most sought-after close up magicians in the entertainment industry. His unique style of visual magic and fast-paced comedy is guaranteed to leave you not just entertained, but totally amazed. He is also a creator of great magic with countless contributions to the art.