theory11 – Zodiac (1080p video + App)


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The Ultimate Book Test

The spectator calls out a RANDOM page number in a normal, ungimmicked book. Out of thousands of possibilities – they think of ONE word on that page.

You write down a prediction before they even know what word it is. Remarkably – impossibly – your prediction is 100% correct.

But that’s not all – not only did you write down the WORD, but you also predicted the exact dictionary position of that word: Page 248. Column 2. Word 7. And yes – the spectator can examine the books and the dictionary.

5 years in the making.

In January 2012, we received a video from Lee Petrucci with a book test unlike anything we’d seen before. It worked with ANY book – and the spectator could freely name any page number, line number, and word number.

Later that year, we stumbled on a similar concept by Steven Skindell – with some brilliant, high-tech features that made it even BETTER.

Over the five YEARS that followed, we worked with Steven and Lee to create a single product that’s the best of both worlds. The absolute ULTIMATE book test: Zodiac.

Learn TWO methods to achieve the same effect – each taught in intricate detail by Bedros Akkelian in 60 minutes of instruction.


What you get is the instructional video and password to enter the zodiac webpage to perform zodiac.