The Zodiac by Vernet Magic (Gimmick not included, only video download)

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A secret weapon that fits in your pocket, ready to be unleashed whenever you what to display your incredible psychic skills! This is The Zodiac!

This unassuming prop lies in wait, looking like a normal little book about Zodiac signs. Yet once they look up their sign, without you having to see the page turned-to, you now instantly know Zodiac sign as well as the month and day of their birth. No fishing questions here, just straight to the divination.

Yet you can still do so much more. Aside from divination, this will allow you to do readings, predictions, coincidences, color readings, and more. It can even be used as a book test or ACAAN effect!

So ditch those anagrams and fishing for this self-contained little gem and start reading and exploding spectator minds! Buy The Zodiac today!