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“This shit is grade-A bonkers, yo!”

The book is about half new material and half material from this site that has been updated and illustrated.

Some of the effects that will ONLY be available in the book, The Jerx Volume 1 are:

And Now He Is Me: You show your friend some of the highlights from the 1978 movie, Magic, starring Anthony Hopkins as a psychotic magician/ventriloquist. You watch a few of the best parts but focus on the scene where he terrifies/seduces Ann-Margret with a Do As I Do routine (like that has fucking ever happened). You then re-enact the scene with your spectator, through failure then triumph. Then things take a turn as the cards in the real world transform to those from the film, all culminating with you arguing with a puppet that unexpectedly appears on your hand about whether you should murder your spectator or not.

Dear Penthouse Forum: Imagine a story deck trick that was actually magical and legitimately funny. You don’t have to imagine it. I created it.

I Know What You Need: Quite simply the greatest date trick ever. You offer to cook someone dinner. They have a free choice of 30 meals (as many as you want to give them). They never tell you anything and you are able to produce the exact meal they asked for. At the end of the trick you are able to provide multiple pieces of physical evidence that show you influenced them to change their mind from what they originally wanted to what you had planned to cook all along. The trick is 100% and it blows people minds. It’s great for anyone you might conceivably make (or order) dinner for. And it’s ideal for getting to know someone new as it involves five separate interactions over time, leaves a number of interesting/magical relics of these interactions, and the ultimate effect feels very intimate as you have seemingly reached deep into their minds to change their memories and preferences.

A Most Unusual Camera: Your cellphone camera takes pictures of things 5 minutes before they happen.

Shutterlock: My favorite method to reveal a peeked word for a group from 2-20 people. It gets everyone involved and leaves them all with an amusing memento of the trick they can use to remember that night and the effect and to spread word, far and wide, of your greatness.

From the Shadows of the Shallow End: This is my handling and presentation for Out Of This World.

  • The presentation makes it about something “bigger” than just separating a deck into reds and blacks and justifies every action in the trick.
  • No indicator cards are used
  • Just uses a regular deck.
  • Includes (what I believe to be) a brand new clean-up that is faster than the original, just as easy and not discrepant.
  • Leaves the spectator with a souvenir of the effect (and no, it’s not a playing card), that has meaning, and they will keep forever.

Third-Wave Equivoque: An example of the next generation of equivoque routines that requires no interpretation of the spectator’s answers on the part of the magician, and seemingly no ambiguous statements.