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Four Card Match Routine using your Influence

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The Four Mystery Presents: Influence is a follow-up effect from a previous release. It is a three-phase card-matching mentalism routine that demonstrates your ability to influence the cards of the Participant.

– No sleights
– No secret markings
– No gimmicks
– Very little memory work
– The Participant has freedom in the mixing process

This effect exploits the different uses of my newly developed method featured in my book “The Four Mystery Presents: Remote Viewing.” The method enables you to have the Participant mix the cards, and yet, the Mentalist is still able to determine and control the possible outcomes.

“4CS deal is great as there are some genuine free choices by the spectator in there which adds to the deception. It’s slightly procedural, but I think can work especially well over Zoom as virtual performances lend themselves to a little more guidance/direction – but again those moments of freedom make it all feel very fair. It’s a nice way to have them mix cards on their end, hands-off, yet you are still ultimately in control.” – David Jonathan