Target Number: The Manual – Ted Karmilovich

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“If you are unfamiliar with this effect – you won’t have any post-purchase remorse – this is a very strong piece” –Christian Painter

What you are about to read is very clean and concise, lacking of superfluous ad copy or filler… Just the way the classic artist are, and quite frankly, it’s a bit refreshing to see…

“Target Number has been the signature piece and highlight of my show for over thirty years.” –  Ted Karmilovich

For thirty-five years, Target Number has been the highlight and signature piece of Ted K’s show. While it has been discussed briefly on Conversations with Mind Readers and in other books and effects, it has never been officially released, until now.

Effect: The performer projects a number to members of his audience. One member receives it. An envelope is opened by the participant describing her exact appearance in amazing detail! That’s the basic effect, but the manual contains so much more… Tips, handlings, variations, routines, subtleties, etc. Routines with envelopes, glass boxes, keys, watches, cash boxes, cards, etc. Also revealed for the first time: Target Card, a gimmick-free, anytime, anywhere presentation.