Tarbell 77: X-Ray Eyes & Blindfold Effects


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X-Ray Eyes: The best-known method and presentation for the X-Ray Vision act in which the eyes are taped shut and covered with a thick cloth.

A Simple Handkerchief Blindfold: Learn how to make an effective blindfold from an ordinary bandana that easily switches from opaque to see-through whenever you desire.

The Modern Blindfold: The same concept as the “Simple Handkerchief Blindfold”, but applied to a professionally-made, innocent-looking strip of black cloth.

The Blindfold Drive: The classic publicity stunt of driving a car while blindfolded, performed live.

The Excelsior Hood Blindfold: Learn how to make a black hood that can be examined by the audience, that covers your head completely, yet you can see right through it.

The Velveteen Hood Blindfold: A revised method allows you to see even with your eyes completely covered with tape, stuck down tightly on all edges.

Bonus Routine: Test-conditions Drawing Duplication: Harlan reveals his closely-guarded method that really does give you the super-power to see through opaque objects. You have to see it to believe it.