Tarbell 76: Mind Reading Mysteries Part II


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Parrish Mentalism: A neat way to gain access to hidden information using only a book of paper matches.

Jack Avis’ “Message from Hades”: Predict any animal named in any color chosen.

Tarbell-Butler Envelope Prediction: A prediction sealed inside two envelopes, contains all the information chosen by members of the audience.

Royal Newspaper Headline Prediction: Predict a internet headline a week in advance.

Tarbell-Parrish Newspaper Headline Prediction: Predict a sensational headline created in-the-moment by members of the audience. Confabulation-style.

Celebrity Choice: Your participant decides which photo to keep and you reveal it’s the only famous autograph you have.

How to Win Three Horse Races: You predict three cards that will be chosen.

Spectator’s Choice: Your spectator finds three chosen cards.

Al Koran’s “A Word in Thousands”: Al Koran’s book test masterpiece. Divine any word thought of from a book.