Tarbell 74: Novelty Magic Part II


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Tarbell Phantom Sticker:
A use for a sticker as an extra convincer during an envelope swit
Eighteen Card Mystery:
A great cards across routine utilizing the Tarbell Phantom Sticker.

Here’s Your Change:
A clever bill transposition with a surprise ending utilizing the Tarbell Phantom Sticker.

Fantus Cards:
A thought of card appears in an envelope, utilizing the Tarbell Phantom Sticker.

Tarbell Travelling Sticker:
Vanish a chosen sticker and have it re-appear on a borrowed business card.

FU Manchu’s Utility Bag:
Use the magic 8 ball to reveal a chosen card. Then, flatten the ball using this deceptive utility bag.

Grant’s Cigarette Classic:
Incredibly clean vanish and re-appearance of a cigarette.

Royal Cigarette Vanish:
Complete vanish of a borrowed cigarette.

Sands-Van Slyker “Birds of a Feather”:
Coin assembly using only four ungimmicked coins and an unprepared handkerchief.

Tarbell “Bank Night Cardboard and Envelope:
Incredibly versatile and deceptive technique which allows you to cleanly remove a folded bill, or billet, from an envelope, even though it was never really inside.

Tarbell’s Magnetic Card and Envelope:
A shredded, borrowed credit card restored in a secluded envelope.