Tarbell 74: Novelty Magic Part 1 by Dan Harlan


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Al Sharpe’s “Two Ribbon Cut”: Barehand, cut-and-restored, double-ribbon trick with a surprising ending.

The Switch-Over Knot: A tightly tied square knot seems to melt from one place to another.

Grant’s Ghost Knot: A great rope utility gimmick that allows knots to vanish from its center.

George Blake’s “Uncanny Hanks”: Treasures untie themselves from a rope on your command. Complete upgrade to the original method.

Graham Adams’ Ring, Chair and Rope: A ring and rope trick that plays huge, with your spectator at the center of it all.

Bob Ellis’ Miser’s Dream with Dollar Bills: Learn to produce as much cash as you want, right at your fingertips.

Blackstar’s Mystic Match Box 1, 2, 3: Two great puzzle routines where you release a box from a strip of paper.

Novel Coin Vanish: A great coin vanish you can do with any handkerchief.

Vanishing Beer: A new routine for an old idea, that contains a bit more magic, and gets away from the all-too-common presentation.

Tan Hock Chuan’s Silk Through the Glass: Pull a handkerchief right through the bottom of a thoroughly examined, completely ungimmicked glass container.