SWITCHBOX by Mickael Chatelain (English audio, Gimmick not included)


For gimmick construction you would need:

  • Rubber band (small and big)
  • thin magnets
  • empty card box
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Get out of your pocket your card game.

Draw attention to the card that is folded on the case, which is held in place by an elastic band.

Take out the card game from this case and give it to mix, to examine, it is a classic game, an absolutely ordinary game.

Invite a spectator to freely go out and choose one of the cards in the game.

This card is unique because you invite the spectator to sign the face of his card.

This one is lost again in the game.

Ask your audience how long, how many seconds are you able to find the chosen card!

Explain that to make this challenge even harder, you put the cards in your back!

Find a map without seeing anything is not impossible?

Your viewer gives you 10 seconds for example, run and put the game in your back and then return immediately with a map in hand … Unfortunately, this is not the right! A second attempt will do nothing and the challenge seems to be missed.

Missed ? Are you sure? Show with your fingertips the card that is on the holster from the beginning …

NO … It’s totally impossible will say your audience, the card is there from the beginning and no one has touched!

Your hand approaches the card and takes it to give immediately to your viewer.

Invite him to open this card …

I know it sounds completely impossible but it is his card!

YES YES his signature is there! No doubt possible!

Remember the following strong points:

– No manipulation

– The effect is incredible and yet simple to achieve.

– The box takes care of everything! Nothing to do, just approach the map as it changes instantly!

– Reset in less than 20 seconds!

– Amazing mechanics and craftsmanship take care of everything!