Sudo – Rippers’ Choice (official PDF + Ripper Cards PDF files)


A unique and macabre ‘Jack the Ripper’ effect.

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**Warning: This effect is not for the faint of heart. Due to the subject matter, this product comes with historical mortuary images of the Ripper victims and is intended for bizarre performers and those who like the macabre.

“Ripper’s Choice is quite clever. I have added it to my Ripper routine ‘Grue’ (in my expanded ‘Arcana of Bizarre Magick’ book) and it plays very strong” – Jim Magus

“Love it!” – TC Tahoe

Journey back to Victorian London 1888 when a victim of Jack the Ripper returns from the grave in a chilling demonstration of proof of the afterlife!

After a brief discussion about the gruesome Ripper murders, five cards (each featuring an actualmortuary photo depicting the five victims) are shown. The participant mixes the cards face-down and then scatters them freely about the table so they don’t know which one is where.

The participant now freely chooses any one of the victims in their mind without saying a word or indicating anything.

A ‘spirit’ then seems to direct your hand as it hovers above the cards… and eventually guides your hand to the exact photo of the victim that the participant was merely thinking of!

Is it proof of the afterlife? A coincidence? Or even the hand of “Jack” himself?… You decide.

*Direct and easy.
*No questions.
*Nothing written down.
*Participant has 100% free choice.

This can be played as heavy or as light as you wish. Sudo also includes the outline for his Ripper séance and a few thoughts on presenting séances in general for those who would like to use this effect in that setting. This works on an incredibly interesting discovery Sudo had about the actual victims that even other ‘Ripperologists’ seem to have missed. Believe it or not, the actual victims ARE the method! Strange, but actually true.

This download also includes ‘printer-ready’ files for the cards (in black & white and aged-colour options) that you can take to a printer’s shop or print them off yourself on your home PC and attach them to poster board.

“Wow! Beautiful work, Sudo!! This was my first routine from you, and it is an absolute winner..!” – Seth

“Just finished reading the manuscript and was struck by the method’s simplicity and built-in misdirection. As I think about it, this would make a great walk around during the Halloween season.” – Stephen A. Yachanin

If you’re a bizzarist and you like the macabre and Jack the Ripper, this is a ‘must have’. Once again, this effect is not for the faint of heart.