Steve Valentine – The Conus Aces


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CONUS ACES: A thorough, in depth teach in on the great Conus Aces. Over 100 years old and easily one of the first real JAZZ MAGIC card routines. Perfect for stage audiences from 1 to 1000. Broken down into three lessons A) The intro, which comes with Steve’s live performance at the world famous Magic Castle. B) MAIN METHODS Every move, sequence and bit of business you’ll need to know to pull this off without a hitch. C) The Big Finish – The Brilliant ending often ignored by present day magicians. I’ll also add a video from C2P about the Palm and Recovery routine, which is very appropriate to this lesson. Don’t miss the Histed stuff… it’s gold.

  1. Intro & performance
  2. Main Methods
  3. The big finish
  4. Challenge Ace Routine
  5. The Palm & Recovery