Steve Beam – Semi-Automatic Card Tricks, Vol. 1


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Written and Illustrated by Steve Beam. Hardbound, 170 pages, 50+ illustrations

In Volume One of Steve Beam’s Semi-Automatic Card Tricks you will find more than fifty professional card tricks and routines. These are not your typical self-working card tricks. Most come complete with the patter and presentation to show you exactly how the inventors of the tricks present them. This enables you to astound and entertain any audience with top quality card magic.

Clever principles and devious subtleties have supplanted sleight of hand. Unlike many self-working tricks, these do not appear to be self-working to the audience. The latest technology has been used to eliminate superflous dealing and counting. Magicians and non-magicians alike will give you credit for great skill when you present these miracles. The humorous presentational ideas and patter will ensure that you are also credited with being a complete performer.

The author is the editor and publisherof The Trapdoor, one of the primary sources and resources for professional quality magic for magicians. Twenty-five years of performing and studying magic have given the author the experience to know what works before an audience. This knowledge has been used to invent and select only the best in cutting edge card effects. Combine this seasoning with fifteen years of international lecturing to magicans and the result is strong performance material that is properly and clearly taught.

If you enjoy card magic, you will eventually read this book. The only question is whether you will read it before or after being fooled and entertained by a trick contained within.