Smoke and Mirrors by John Bannon (ebook)

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John Bannon is one of Vanishing Inc’s favorite creators. His playful artistry with a deck of cards has a youthful energy about it that makes his creations fun to perform.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Bannon teaches 31 tricks; most of which are card tricks, but with a couple of coin tricks thrown into the mix too. Two favorites are Stranger’s Gallery, one of the best selling packet tricks of all time and Trick Shot Production in which a large 8 Ball is produced from a card case!

John Bannon’s card magic is favored by magicians all over the world as for the most part his magic is incredibly visual and fooling, yet easy to learn at the same time; a rare combination. This is one of those rare books that appeals to both experienced magicians and newcomers. The former are interested in the fantastic construction and intriguing plots, whereas the latter will be taken by just how easy it is to perform amazing card magic.