Simon Aronson – Try the Impossible


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Simon’s latest book (published in 2001), this book was released to enormous critical acclaim. Aronson fans around the world were delighted with both the memorized deck sections and the new tricks debuted here. It holds a fond place in my heart because I wrote the introduction and contributed an effect; it was a great pleasure and learning experience to see this book (and the material within it) develop into such an impressive volume.

If memorized deck magic is your interest, this book has a chapter full of terrific magic. But be warned: in this case, the magic is SPECIFIC to the Aronson stack. Most of these tricks will not work with other memorized decks.

The highlight of the book for most people is the first section, titled “UnDo Influence.” This is a diabolical principle that fooled me at least five times in a row. It’s such a subtle principle, and Simon explores its uses with and without a memorized pack.

You get several impossible locations, a lie-speller effect, a terrific new sleight called Head over Heels, and a great mentalism piece based on the work of the legendary Chan Canasta.

The book also features a terrific ring and rubber band effect, that you really must see to appreciate.

Try the Impossible is the best-written, most attractive volume by Simon Aronson. It represents the most diversity of material, and has perhaps the most accessible “great” card trick he has ever created (it’s one you’ll do INSTANTLY after reading): it’s called “Prior Commitment.”