Shocking Back by Joe (Korean audio with english subtitles)


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When ARCANA first approached us, their passion for classical magic really stuck a chord with us. The more we got to know them, the more we watched in awe as we saw them take old routines and make them more modern, interesting and relevant. It is for that reason that we are thrilled to present this debut download by Joe.

Shocking back is a version of Ralph W. Hull’s classic All-backs routine wherein you take a deck which has backs printed on both sides, and step by step, cause it to turn into a regular deck. Along the way, you will find some really surprising moments of great magic, including finding the four aces in a startling way.

Joe’s routine uses a very deceptive and practical technique we don’t see often. Giving it new life in this download, he is bound to inspire new ideas in your mind too

Running time: 31 minutes 25 seconds. English subtitles.