Shimshi – Penguin Live Online Lecture (August 31st, 2014)

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“Shimshi is the best… He makes people believe in Magic.” -Steve Wynn

“I’ve seen a lot of magicians, I’ve never seen anything like that before.” -Hugh Jackman

“You are messing me up…” -Michael Jackson

“This is the best slight of hand I have ever seen.” -Larry King

“You are like E.T.” -Steven Spielberg

“Dazzling” -New York Times

What will he teach?

Shimshi will teach you how to make more money… a lot more money.

You’ll learn how to be wildly successful performing strolling magic without having to design a large-scale illusion show.

He’ll explain exactly how you can attract the kind of high-end clientele that can afford to pay a lot more for your services and explain how to get them to pay top dollar, and exactly what, and how to charge.

He’s going to share many tips for making strolling gigs easier and teach you how to turn free shows into better-paying gigs.

You’re going to receive important marketing advice, including what kind of business card to have and what your website should look like and say about you.

He’ll talk about how to increase your Perceived Value through your appearance and share his tips on how to get more bookings.

There will also be a section on “making art” vs. “making money” and how to select your material by knowing which tricks are for you and which are for your audience.

Sure, he’ll teach you some magic tricks to illustrate his points, but his advice will make this the lecture that more than pays for itself!

If you’d like to vastly increase your earnings as a magician, tune in here, to Penguin Live, to learn the success secrets of Shimshi.

Who is he?

Shimshi was born 1979 in Tel-Aviv Israel. His first performance as a magician was at the age of 13. After 7 years of performing magic in Israel, Shimshi moved to America and pursued his lifelong dream to open his own show in Las Vegas.

Los Angeles was the first stop where he regularly appeared at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. In the years 2002 and 2003, Shimshi was a 3 time consecutive winner of the Strolling Olympics Award by the Academy of Magical Arts.

February 1st. 2004, Shimshi got a phone call requesting him to be the Resident Illusionist for the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After a two year run at the Mirage, he spent a year perfecting his fresh, cutting edge illusions at the word’s Greatest Magic Show at the Sahara and then the “V” Show at the Planet Hollywood Casino.

In 2008, Shimshi was the last magician standing on America’s Got Talent. In 2009 Steve Wynn welcomed Shimshi as the Resident Illusionist and Mentalist at his 2 billion dollar Resort and Casino Wynn | Encore.

Mr. Wynn was so impressed with Shimshi’s talent, that he asked him to create an illusion act for the Hotel’s Featured Show, Le Reve. The illusions that Shimshi created are now an integral part of the show’s success.

After an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Regis and Kelly, Master of Illusions and the new hit Show on SyFy Wizard Wars, Shimshi now resides in Las Vegas as the Resident Illusionist for Wynn | Encore and continues to follow his dream to create a new kind of Illusion Show in Las Vegas.