Scott Tokar – How to Make 6 Figures Lecture Part 3 – Ellusionist


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I was in the audience when a portion of this was filmed in Hollywood… just in listening to Scott’s portion, I already have made more this month than I did when I was a full time Engineer. Scott really shows how to make a TRUE business out of Magic.



We’ve broken down Scott Tokar’s Hollywood lecture into four affordable sections. Giving you the opportunity to try before you buy, as you take your career to the next level.

Six Figures- Part 3 is about looking at the people, places and quality of your product. You learn tips on:

• Selling quality
• Every magic package
• Cross advertising opportunities
• Co-op marketing
• Supply and demand
• Giving yourself a raise
• What is your market
• Becoming an expert at one thing
• Creating an act for a venue
• Restaurants
• Bar magic
• Birthday party magic
• Private party magic
• Street preforming
• Trade shows
• Sales meetings
• Keynote speaking
• Cruise ships
• Nightclubs and comedy clubs
• YouTube
• Fairs and festivals
• Gospel magic and schools
• Libraries and scouts

Part three goes over a ton of different venues and how to make sure each one gets a quality performance. This section is a must watch, download it now!