Scott Creasey – Minimalistic, Metaphysical, Mentalism – The Lecture (official PDF)


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Volume one of Minimalistic, Metaphysical Mentalism(MMM) was released in May 2018 and I have got to say I was overwhelmed with the reaction the book received from the worldwide mentalism fraternity, mainly because the routines and performance philosophies I shared, are very personal to me and I wasn’t sure if my ramblings and the things I like to perform would make sense, or appeal to anybody else. It seems, judging by the reviews however, I was wrong

It was pointed out to me by close mentalism friends, that many of the routines I use which have a let’s say less psychic approach, are very commercial and would probably appeal to both mentalists and magicians.

With that in mind I have taken a number of what I consider the most, audience friendly, commercial and easy to perform routines from MMM volume one and two (2 from volume one and 5 from volume two) and put them together to create this lecture, one that I hope everybody, regardless of performance style or level of competency. will get something from.

Welcome to MMM the Lecture