Scott Alexander – 2017 Penguin LIVE Holiday Spectacular

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What will he teach?

Along with Dan Harlan and our special surprise guests teaching their terrific magic, Scott Alexander will teach some stuff from his jolly sack of tricks too!

The Element of Surprise A fun and entertaining mentalism piece you can put together with stuff from the joke shop!

Killing It Scott performs this hilarious trick from his Standing Up On Stage DVD Series.

Milk and Cookies A new take on Scott and Puck’s Half Full that is great for family shows.

Kreskin-Esque A piece of mental magic that is a real killer where the spectator stabs the exact card you predict they will.

Further Silent Control Scott teaches a sneaky ploy he uses with Rick Lax’s Silent Control and Dan bumps it up a notch with another great version.

Brick Phone A great opener that helps one nervous spectator make the right call.