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Are you a Magician? Or are you someone who does tricks?


There’a a big difference. We’ll explain…


Anyone can learn the 21 card trick, or a single coin vanish from some bootleg youtube video.


But a Magician is someone who dedicates themselves to their chosen art. They constantly punch the envelope into the stratosphere by practicing and perfecting the untapped well of magic the community has created… making themselves a more confident performer along the way.


Ryan Bliss defines Magician. The things he can do with a coin are so sensational that an involuntary “HOLY ****” leaped out of our mouths while filming.


In Horizon you’ll learn:
• A beautiful bare-handed production of a coin.
• A little-known vanish of a coin where both sides of your hand are shown empty. NO SLEEVES.
• A sudden change of a coin.
• A double change of a coin… AND
• A one-handed, palm up, no cover, triple change of a coin.


Remember, nothing worth having comes easy, but YOU WILL start at Level 1.


Ryan will teach you each component of his triple change in painless, step-by-step, over the shoulder explanations… as well as a few other fun bonus ideas.


As the cobwebs fall from your fingers you can treat Horizon like the Power Rangers. Each one, can be used in a modular fashion. Slide it into your routines like a bona fide badass. Or, combine everything into a big mighty-morphing coin routine that will drop jaws.


Some items taught may require widely available coin gaffs that you probably already own, but a lot of the material on Horizon is completely impromptu… including Ryan’s open palm-up double change of a coin.


So if you’re ready to answer now, here’s that question again… are you a magician?