Ross Johnson Live – Penguin Live Lecture (May 1st, 2016)


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“I am a huge fan of Mentalism and I consider Ross (Johnson) to be one of the absolutely convincing practitioners in this field. …I honestly feel he is the most convincing mentalist I have ever witnessed. I remember being spellbound the first time I watched Ross perform his classic Blindfold Act in a small nightclub. There was a slightly edgy sense of self-irritation in his performance that I just loved. If he didn’t get it quite right, it seemed to bug him and drive him further into uncovering hidden
details. He is truly a master of the wonderful world of mind reading.” – Nick Lewin
“Not only is Ross a wonderful friend and confidant; he is also the deliverer of the strongest performance of mystery I’ve ever witnessed.” – Paul Vigil
“Ross Johnson? He’ll make you shit your pants.” – Jay Marshall

What will he teach?

“Necessary Lies”: Lessons in Meat Fabrication
Stroop Deluxe (with all new vibrant colors) Three psychological routines that require precise scripting, but no gimmicks or digital adroitness. It is the words that fool.
Voice Print Lie detector effects that were inspired by a clever but rather unreliable method developed by Ned Rutledge. These effects are close to 100% sure.
Toss the Princess Out of Sight Playing cards in mentalism illustrated by three routines. Tossed Out Deck; Impostress Princess; Out of Sight, Out of Mind,
Omar’s Prophecy Using the venerable one ahead technique in a way that is actually deceptive and relevant.
Caffeinated Coins A presentation of “Jackpot Coins” that takes it out of the realm of a mathematical puzzle.
Book Tests Three book tests that actually have a plot beyond the mere revelation of a word. 1) Mystery Book Test, 2) Money or Sex?, 3)Double Speak
Drawing Duplication A test conditions drawing duplication suitable for TV/Radio/Publicity environments.
Some Things Can’t Be Taught, Only Learned A demonstration/discussion on the two pillars of mentalism, The Blindfold and Q & A. Why, more often than not, are these routines horribly presented, boring, and obvious? Why is it that in most mental acts there is absolutely no sense of a mind being read?

Who is he?

Ross Johnson has been a full time performing mentalist for more than 30 years. The material in this lecture is practical, doable, performance, and audience tested. Ross has strong opinions on what works and why. With an open mind you will learn much and may be inspired to change your way of thinking. You have an opportunity to become a real mentalist.