Romanos – Gerti Reborn – (gimmick not included)


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A powerful rendition of the “which hand” effect that will leave spectators baffled and bemused.

Gerti Reborn allows you to perform the “coin in which hand” guessing game, but with the greatest of ease thanks to its diabolically simple method. Imagine a spectator signs one of two coins and places one in your hand behind your back and the other in one of their closed fists. Not only do you know which coin you have, but which fist of theirs holds the coin!

A great piece of mentalism you can carry with your anywhere. Order yours today!


Gerti is elegantly simple, yet devastatingly effective. It’s always in my pocket, meaning I’m always ready to perform an incredible piece of mentalism. Highly recommended.”Mark Elsdon

Gerti punched me in the face. I struggle to remember a time I was fooled worse than Romanos fooled me with one of these routines!!!”Dee Christopher