Roberto Giobbi – Favorites – Giobbi on Garcia

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Roberto Giobbi is one of the finest teachers in magic and to conclude this “Favorites” series, he has curated three wonderful tricks from Frank Garcia and pieced them together into a flowing routine.

Begin by watching a full performance, and then settle in for an hour of masterful instruction as Roberto takes you through the presentational touches and finesses that made Garcia such a revered magician amongst his contemporaries.

You will learn:

A Lady Up My Sleeve – A card is selected (an ace) and Roberto reminds the spectators of the famous expression “i have an Ace up my sleeve”. Sure enough, an ace appears in his sleeve. The second ace is found at a named location and the third is controlled invisibly. The last ace (the selected card) brings the effect to a close as it is found in… you guessed it, Roberto’s sleeve!

Ace Faroleros – To become skilled with a deck of cards, you must practice various drills, Roberto explains. After losing the aces, he finds the first Ace in the “intellectuals way” – it is spelled to. The second ace is found in the “intuitive way” and is cut to. The third ace, the vain ace, appears with applause. The last ace is done with humility, with “zen practice”… but it doesn’t work. However, proving himself to be well practiced, the wrong card is used to find the last ace! Suddenly, the aces change to queens, raising the question of where the aces went.

A Surprise Package – The red Queens are used to sandwich a signed selection under impossible circumstances. Then, the selection jumps between the black queens, even though it was seen just session before on the other side of the table.

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