Robert Ramirez – The CC Robert Ramirez Lecture Package (10 exclusive Video Trainings +1pdf: UKu-Lazy,Wisdom of the Crowd,Duct Tape Paradox,Arthur’s Aces,Expert Phone Technique,MexiCAAN,The Emperor’s Deck,Thurston Five Card,ACES FRONT,Magic Castle Lecture,Impromptu Shows)


The CC Robert Ramirez Lecture Package features 10 + exclusive Video Trainings filled with Robert’s cutting edge tricks and professional routines worth $230.

Top magicians know the value of exclusive magic—and most of Robert’s magic has never been released before and can’t be found at these prices anywhere!
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UKu-Lazy-$20 (video instructions) Robert’s incredible opener since 2019! An entertaining little song turns into an incredible card reveal, the “pick” you have been playing with is actually the card the audience named! A real stunner and Ukulele skills are not required!

 Wisdom of the Crowd-$20 (video instruction) Robert’s secret weapon is this incredibly fooling prediction! An average of audience guesses at how many mints are in the jar is written down. Then very cleanly the jar is opened to reveal an envelope with the exact number inside. It gets laughs, it’s astonishing, and it’s completely impossible!


Duct Tape Paradox- $20 (video instructions) A classic of magic, The Afghan Bands, updated and brought into the 21st century! Now it’s easier than ever to prepare and perform. No sleight of hand is required.

Arthur’s Aces-$20 (video instructions) This eye-popping routine is jam packed with visual vanishes that almost work themselves! One by one each Ace vanishes only to come together in the end. Robert’s training shows you how to make the gimmicks, where to get the materials, and how to perform this strong routine.

 Expert Phone Technique -$30 This collection of phone magic uses no special apps and was a SELLOUT at Magic-Live. Read their mind, reveal a number they merely think of, time a card trick with uncanny accuracy, phone a friend who can always name an unknown card—and erase numbers from a spectator’s phone as if by magic.

MexiCAAN- $20 (video instruction) A very fooling Card at Any Number that takes all but ZERO skill, but a little guts. Discover how to make the special deck—and all the subtle touches that will make this one of your most powerful routines.

 The Emperor’s Deck -$20 (video Instructions) A hilarious routine using a blank deck of cards! One by one, cards are eliminated until one card is selected. In the end, the blank card becomes the selection! Make this unique deck with ease—and wow your audiences AND entertain them!

 Thurston Five Card-$20 (video Instructions) A simple but beautiful routine using 5 playing cards. You’ll also get a special version specifically for beginners. Robert shows you everything—from how to make a gimmick—to every detail you need to perform this showstopping bare-handed production. Getting into card manipulation has never been easier.

 ACES FRONT – $20 (video Instructions) A mini deck of cards is shuffled and placed inside a champagne glass. Each Ace instantly appears in a series of increasingly-more impressive visual phases. The perfect effect for EVERY show—from close-up, to parlor—and even virtual rooms. Anyplace there’s an audience, Aces Front is a CLOSER!

 Magic Castle Lecture – $20 With an introduction by Jim Steinmeyer, get ready for a true master-class of skill, attention to detail, and pure passion for magic. Almost 2 hours of tricks include. MexiCAAN, Arthur’s Aces, Robert’s Penn & Teller: FOOL US routine using a cellphone, and a whole lot more.

 Impromptu Shows – $20 When you are asked to perform impromptu, how can you make it a SHOW? Roberts shares it ALL: What effects to perform, how many, and most of all—how to put a beginning, middle, and end to the most ‘spur of the moment’ magic show. Contains 4 killer tricks Robert still uses today.