Robert Moreland – A Walk In The Clouds (Color Change)


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Robbie Moreland’s “Cloud Change” is used by many of the worlds top magicians. Why? Because it looks fantastic, it’s completely reliable, and it can be performed surrounded. For the first time, on this download, Robbie shares his complete work to date on this versatile card sleight.

Over the course of the half hour download, Robbie takes you through everything from the basics, to more advanced handlings and clean ups. He also shares two of his favorite routines which use the “Cloud Change:

  • The Inverted Elevator
  • The Queens

Every magician should have a host of color changes in their arsenal. If you are looking for one that is highly practical, easy to learn and really fun to practice, you’ll find a huge amount of worth in this comprehensive download.

“I saw Robbie Moreland perform this change more than 20 years ago at The Second Deal convention in Florida, and it blew me away. I asked him to perform it for me many times — I loved it! I just ordered (and viewed) the download from Vanishing Inc. magic and it is great. I highly recommend this!”Matt Field