Ricky Smith – Threeve (official PDF)


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We are quite pleased to be able to offer a special pdf version of a rare set of lecture notes that Ricky Smith released last year. It was limited to 52 copies and quickly sold out, but we were able to talk him into releasing a digital version for our members.

Threeve is a combination of several of Ricky’s releases throughout the years combined with a few new items that he developed while performing at the world’s greatest bar, As Is. The booklet was originally made for an appearance he did in New York, and he chose what to include based on what he felt like performing at the event. Accordingly it is very sleight of hand focused! There are some effects, some moves, and a discussion of the punch deal.

Contents of Threeve

  • Introduction
  • Card at any Vowel
  • Dealing DPS
  • Learning Palming
  • Learning Second Dealing
  • Kepplinger Prediction
  • Multiple Card DPS Handling
  • The Bear Trick
  • Shuffle DPS
  • The Runcible Card Trick
  • The Bar on Spring Street
  • The Odds Against Us

An Impractical Punch for Aggressive Gentlemen

  • Introduction
  • A Brief History
  • My Experiences
  • Putting in the Work
  • Utilizing the Work
  • Some Applications
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Reading