Rick Anderson – Penguin Live Lecture (May 21st, 2017)

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“I can hardly wait for the Penguin Live lecture of Rick Anderson. He’s one of the most underground, best kept secrets in magic. Without his influence, inspiration and guidance I wouldn’t be the guy I am today.” –
Shawn Farquhar

“Rick Anderson is old-school in the best way: he does commercial magic that is clean and clear, and I always like to watch him perform.” – Joshua Jay

“Rick Anderson is one of my favourite magicians to watch. He’s devilishly skilled and hilariously funny. A lethal combination. You are going to love him!” – Matt Johnson

“Rick has a certain style about his coin work that makes it particularly enjoyable to watch. He’s also a real thinker about how to make technique more deceptive and natural and how to make it all entertaining.” – Michael Ammar

“If you’re looking for solid, commercial magic that you can make a living with, you could examine every trick and ask, ‘Is this practical, powerful, and do people respond to it?’ But it’s easier to just ask, ‘does Rick Anderson do it?’ I know this because Rick was doing that kind of magic when I first saw him, at a convention some 40 years ago. In fact, his performance helped convince a goofy teenager from Hawaii that coin magic could be entertaining. Over the years, Rick has become a well-oiled performing machine, carefully disguised as a scruffy teddy bear. And you know you can never completely trust bears.” – Curtis Kam

“Rick Anderson has been one of the top professional performers in the Northwest for forty years- but it doesn’t stop there. From the beginning, Rick has been an active and selfless mentor and teacher for a ton of the young talent we now have in Seattle and Tacoma; Now is not only your chance to benefit from his technical expertise, but also his solid advice and experience in entertaining real (that means “paying”) audiences as well.” – Jack Carpenter

“Rick Anderson is a natural teacher. He is a true student of magic and a superb performer so his instruction not only gives you the “how” of the routine, he gives the “why” it works based on his years of in the trenches performing. Everything I have created, go back to the principals of magic Rick taught me when I was starting out. His depth and breadth of knowledge of magic and performance resume are every students treasure.” Sincerely.” –Steve Hamilton (former student)