Richard Osterlind – 13 Miracles with Billets


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Earlier this year, Richard Osterlind traveled to Europe to give master classes in Belgium, France and Italy. While in Paris, he was approached by his friend Burt Wayne, to perform and record what could only be called “Street Mentalism” in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. Alternating back and forth, Richard and Burt performed for spectators from many different countries.
The material is a mixture of standard effects and original routines. The spontaneous nature of the recording is fascinating to watch and truly reflects real-world conditions. Time after time, you will see startled expressions of joy on travelers from around the world and you will learn new presentations from even ideas you already know!

It is important to mention the entire video is made up of billet work requiring basically no props. Richard’s luggage, in fact, had been lost by the airline and he was forced to borrow a jacket and work in jeans! Yet, with the exception of just one routine that uses a Swami and a cheap blackboard he had purchased, simple billets and blank index cards are all that was used to create first-class performances!

In addition to Burt’s great contributions (he is also a top-class performer), he took it upon himself to hire an expert editor which has resulted in a totally professional recording. The explanations are clear and concise with cuts to the performing segments to make everything understandable.

This is a video you will certainly learn from! Many of the effects could have been sold separately for the price of the entire DVD!