Richard Kaufman – The Complete Works of Derek Dingle


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The complete works of Derek Dingle

Published 1982 by Kaufman and Co. in Washington, D.C .
Written in English.

You know you’re safe with anything that carries the Kaufman name. The Complete Works of Derek Dingle is no exception. The material in this book is worthy of any performing magician’s repertoire; it’s what Derek Dingle has been using his entire life. The effects are not easy, and some of them aren’t the most practical, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty in here to quench your thirst for hard-hitting magic. This magnificent volume contains over 100 items with cards, coins, rubber bands, balls, balloons, cigarettes, and other objects.

Derek Dingle was and is very famous for his technical expertise, his originality, and his professional routine structuring. Mr. Dingle has come up with many original sleights and routines, but he has also added his twist to quite a few classics.

DD has many variants of the color-changing deck, some of which he has intertwined with other classics, such as Triumph (Deluxe Anytime Color Triumphant and Color Triumphant II) and All Backs (Technicolor All Backs and Triple Color-Changing All Backs Aces).

There are also several variations of Dai Vernon’s Triumph. My favorite of Mr. Dingle’s Triumph routines is Quadraconvincing Triumph. It is a single card Triumph with several very convincing displays (hence the title).

Included in this work are also Derek’s variations of the Torn & Restored Card, the Ace Assembly, Twisting the Aces, the Card in Balloon, Oil and Water, and Sympathetic Cards.

Not only is DD known for his wonderful routines, but he also has a reputation of being a sleight-of-hand expert. Included in Derek Dingle’s Complete Works are moves he has used over the years, including the Side Steal, Slip Force, Diagonal Palm Shift, and the infamous Pass.

Herb Zarrrow’s famous shuffle is one of the most often used false shuffles. Magicians everywhere love the simple idea. Making the shuffle look good, however, is not an easy task. Included in this remarkable manuscript is an extremely thorough explanation of Zarrow’s famous shuffle, along with Derek’s Three-Shuffle Zarrow Sequence.

DD is probably most famous for two routines. These two routines are known to magicians everywhere. They are Derek’s notorious Rollover Aces, and his work on the traditional Oil and Water, entitled Oil and Vinegar.

Rollover Aces is truly an amazing routine. It begins with a series of face-up/face-down shuffles, and ends with the magician rolling the pack across the table, leaving behind the four Aces. The Aces are then spread and beneath them are four Royal Flushes.

Oil and Vinegar is not a ground-breaking routine full of new sleight-of-hand technique or revolutionary ideas. It’s simply Derek’s combination of a few old routines to form one of the best Oil and Water routines in existence. It’s killer, and, with practice, is within the grasp of any intermediate cardician.

Examples of Derek’s creativity are scattered throughout the book. Apparition Too is a neat routine during which the magician prints a card visually. A blank card is displayed, suddenly a drawing of a King is seen. Another wave and the animated King gains color. One more flick of the card and it changes to a real playing card (a King, of course), which is then handed out for examination.

Another instance of Derek’s imagination is Restoration Assembly. A card is selected and torn into four pieces. The pieces are laid out at the four corners of the table. Two pieces are now covered with two napkins, and when the napkins are lifted, the two quarter pieces have joined in one corner. This is repeated and a three-quarter card is formed. The last pieces are covered, and when the napkins are lifted, the card is fully restored.

The book is expertly written by established magic writer Richard Kaufman. Mr. Kaufman also displays his superb graphic skills in the hundreds of illustrations that cover the pages.

Derek Dingle is a legend among magicians and his magic is fun and entertaining. Reading this book is great – not knowing what gems will appear as you turn each page. The book is out of print now, but it is fairly easy to find in shops and can still be ordered from Kaufman directly. Do yourself a favor and track down a copy. Another truly wonderful read.