reverie – Joseph Barry


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In this book you will find 14 brand new secrets by Joseph Barry all ranging from self-working to intermediate in skill level. In Reverie you will find card location gambling routines thought of card reveals even some ruses for magicians.

Dream Poker – a spectator shuffles the deck he deals out 3 poker hands, which you have already predicted.

Two card location – a very simple hands off location of 2 freely selected cards.

The false, false shuffle ruse – a way to through off your magician friends and knowledgeable spectators.

Beginners luck – a very hands off poker routine where the spectator shuffles, deals winning with a flush he shuffles, deals again and wins with a straight flush!

STOCAN V2 – a brand new method for the Simple thought of card at number effect.

E-CAN – a very free and impromptu approach to ACAAN

Multiple card location – 4 selections are lost in a shuffled deck and each card is revealed in increasingly impossible ways.

Reverie – find a card that the spectator has just looked at in the deck without ever touching the cards

Explained – an impossible location of a card to show to your magician friends.

Thoughts on the psychological spread force – instantly know which card a spectator has thought of from a fan.

Don’t stop thinking – a 3-phase approach to the stop trick in which ends with the spectator finding your thought of card.

A Blackjack Production – an impressive display of skill as the four blackjack hands are produced as the deck gets shuffled.

A Narrowed thought – the spectator thinks of any card and looks at the card in the deck and places the cards back in the box. The magician then reveals the thought of card.

A memory at the card table – apparently memorize an entire deck of cards.