Reel Magic Magazine – TNT (Tuesday Night Tricks) Season 5


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TNT: Season 4

“Janus” – Simon Black
Season 5 concludes with Simon’s outstanding “find-the-mates” routine.
”What in the World” – Titanas
Titanas performs an effect that will have your audiences asking, “What in the World!”
“The Montinator” – John Bannon
John demonstrates an awesome packet trick with a three card monte theme.
“Invisible Card” – Adam Wilbur
Adam demonstrates an truly magical routine, where a chosen card appears and vanishes in a borrowed, shuffled deck.
“Fantasia” – Simon Black
Simon shares a killer routine that let’s you find a spectator’s chosen card, while they find yours!
“Turnaround Pass” – Mark Calabrese
Mark shares a deceptive control that allows you to move a card to the top or bottom of the deck with minimal effort.
“Wrongly Convicted” – Ryan Schlutz
Ryan finds a freely chosen card in a routine that can be performed with a shuffled, borrowed deck.
“Helium 2.5” – R. Paul Wilson
R. Paul uses a combination of effects to challenge an audience and produce something truly unexpected.