Rainbow Unicorn by Zee J. Yan (Instant Download)


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Three impromptu close-up mentalism routines with strong impact and one EXTREMELY mind-baffling and tightly structured 10 minute stage mentalism routine.

Using a smartphone as a billet.

Tips and ideas on swami gimmick so you can carry it with you without special storing devices.

Making an extremely deceptive peek device with only 35 cent or less(literally 35 cent or less)

Turning an everyday wallet into a peek wallet without damaging it.
“Zee’s effects are really practical and they work in the real world. You can see he’s passionate about the art” – Ever Elizalde (Author of Manoeda)

“I think that people will find some good ideas here, despite the fact that Zee he is a “new” guy in the field.” – Luca Volpe (Author of Emotional Mentalism)

“The ‘Peek Wallet’ is a very clever way to peek a business card with an un-gimmicked wallet. This is my favorite item in the book. ” – John Taylor (Cafe Member)

*If you already own Greetings by Zee J. Yan, then you won’t need this book

66 pages, PDF Digital Download