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Ultimate MRD Web AppBob Hummer first released his celebrated “think-a-card” effect, The Mind Reader’s Dream, in 1952. Here’s the effect in a nutshell: From a borrowed, shuffled pack, a spectator is asked to merely think of any card he sees. The magician then hands him the pack, turns his back, and asks him to follow a few simple, seemingly meaningless, dealing procedures. When complete, the magician turns back around, briefly scans the deck, and after suitable build-up, reveals the mentally selected card. In Hummer’s original version, the magician was required to consult a 50-plus page “Dream Book” that enabled him to discover the spectator’s thought-of card. In 2017, Professor Rafael O. Fontao helped us offer an improved version of the effect that replaced the suspicious book with a single reference chart, small enough to be concealed on a playing card box or cigarette pack. Not satisfied with even that improvement, Prof. Fontao has gone on to refine the MRD formula and handling even further. As a result, you can now do the calculation mentally or access his new HTML app on your cell phone, enter two numbers, and have the application tell you the exact card the spectator is thinking of! And yes, there’s still an optional chart, if you prefer to identify the card that way. 9-page, illustrated ebook, with links to access and use the application online and/or download a copy of the HTML app page to your own device.

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