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“No electronics or gizmos here. Just a simple, direct and easy technique that once learned will serve you for a lifetime, enabling you to read minds whenever you want! This is the type of mentalism I love the most!”
– Marc Paul

This is not just one trick, it is a complex system of how to peek at information written down by your spectators. It is very elegant, clean, and extremely effective. After learning this system you will probably throw away all your peeking devices and stick with the Third Eye system. You will see how to do perfect peeks, how to make them invisible and impossible. You will also learn a few full routines so you can apply this system to your close-up or stage act.

Peeking wallets, boxes and other strange props should go away! If you really can read minds, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen.

This is a deep dive into how to peek at information in the most efficient way but also how to reveal it in an interesting way. How to make it deceptive and engaging for your audience. Be ready for Third Eye and read minds like never before!


  • Very organic and elegant at the same time!
  • Easy to do!
  • Reset in 5 seconds!
  • All needed gimmicks, You can do it easily by yourself!

Have a look at what one of the best mentalists says about this project:

“Casual, convincing, practical. Third Eye combines tried and tested techniques, applying them in effective ways to create something that is simple and deceptive. It’s perfect as part of an EDC, and even for professional use.”
– Nique Tan

“Radek’s attention to detail and thoughtful structuring has completely revolutionised this old principle into a modern gem.”
– Mark Lemon