R. Paul Wilson – Think Again


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Three utterly impossible routines for magicians and mentalists.

THiNK AGAiN features three of Paul’s favourite foolers from his personal repertoire.

For decades, R. Paul Wilson has been developing practical methods for these effects, searching for simple solutions with powerful, baffling conditions.

This eBook and video teaches every detail of these effects with alternate handlings from expert sleight of hand to almost self-working methods:

  • A Beautiful Mind – a spectator is given three chances to read the performer’s mind. To conclude, the performer reveals a prediction that accurately describes their choices.

  • Thinking It Over – ten red cards and ten black are removed from a borrowed, shuffled deck. One of the red cards is merely thought of and caused to vanish from the red packet and appear amongst the blacks. A direct miracle that’s as fair as it gets with ordinary cards.

  • S.A.L.O.B. – a perfect instant peek of a card under challenge conditions. A spectator peeks a card and immediately takes the cards to shuffle – all while the performer is turned away but he already knows the card they are think of!

  • Three applications for S.A.LO.B. are suggested, including one of the most powerful card revelations in existence.

  • Alternate handlings from a self-working method to miracle vanish and reproduction.

JUST THiNK is the result of decades studying, performing and improving this effect for lay people and magicians. The secrets in this book are worth much more to serious students of card magic.

This eBook PDF includes a video description of the routine – follow the link given in the manuscript.