Steve Cook – Fake Genius 2

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“Steve is highly unique in that he lives and breathes mystery … it is in his blood … if mystery is the source of true art, then Steve’s work epitomises this … anyone who gets to spend time with Steve will tell you how precious it is … I for one will always treasure the memories” – Michael Murray 

  • Book Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Requisite Items
  • KaPoW!
  • Seconds
  • Points of View – Part One
  • Instant Credit
  • Sun & Moon Caper Redux
  • Assorted Anecdotes 1
  • Digital
  • Chips
  • Points of View 2
  • Predicta-Place
  • Character, Physicality & Visuality
  • Bottled ‘n’ Boxed
  • Fingerprint
  • Assorted Anecdotes 2
  • Touch
  • The Watch
  • Points of View 3
  • The Tag
  • Assorted Anecdotes 3
  • Chinese Chance
  • Laminated
  • The Err, Hmm Syndrome
  • Love for Orson
  • Orson Welles – A Few Anecdotes
  • Unreal
  • Points of View 4
  • Face Time
  • Assorted Anecdotes 4
  • Invisible
  • Points of View 5
  • Solid Gold
  • Assorted Anecdotes 5
  • Why Do We Do What We Do?
  • The Miracle Blindfold Card Act
  • Champion of the World
  • Get Familiar with Steve Cook
  • Postscript

“Steve Cook is truly one-of-a-kind, a gentleman conjurer who manages to create magic that fits modem needs. A shocking amount of Steve’s effects are in the acts of magicians and mentalists around the world.” – Liam Montier

“Steve Cook REALLY IS a magical genius!” – Steve Dela

“A creative genius who walks amongst us. Top quality material from a man who even allowed me once to pull a gun on him! “- Jay Adkins 

“Steve is one of the most creative and generous people I have ever met . He’s a freaking genius!” – Gary Jones 

“Steve’s routines are always meticulously thought through and are, without exception, even more magical than the sum of their parts.” – Darren Woolf 

“I have another title for this book – “Future Classics V2.” I also have another name for Steve every time he fools me, but I’m afraid that is definitely unprintable!” – Steve Haresign