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An explosion of creative inspiration from one of David Blaine and David Copperfield’s favorite magicians.

“What you are about to read will take you through a journey of ideas. It will lead you down a path of creativity and a new look at the world and objects around you” – David Copperfield

In honor of Mario “The Maker Magician” Marchese’s amazing January 2022 Masterclass: Live, we’ve gained exclusive access to offer his best-selling book Make: Robot Magic.

Created in partnership with, a special community celebrating creativity, innovation and curiosity, Robot Magic is the ultimate beginner’s guide to creating robotics-infused magic. It explores the endless possibilities that can be unlocked when you blend amazing magic tricks with the thrilling world of DIY electronics. With simple “hacks” to everyday objects around your house, you can unlock a treasure trove of new magic tricks and ideas.

You’ll learn an overview of the basics of Arduino, a powerful and versatile open-source microcontroller board and programming software. This knowledge will allow you to control electronic elements like small servo motors and LED lights on command. If you’ve seen Mario’s “Automabot the Cardboard Magician Robot” videos that went viral on social media, then you’ve seen Arduino in action.

Robot Magic is geared toward all skills levels and backgrounds. The exciting and clever projects found within these pages are bound to challenge your creativity and make your imagination explode. Tinkerers of all ages (including young ones with adult supervision) will love Robot Magic.

Paperback | 220 pages