Fraser Parker – God Mode/ Sui Generis 2 (Instant Download)


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God Mode/ Sui Generis 2

God Mode continues the journey into the impossible.

This hardback book contains the real secrets behind prop-less Mentalism performance and includes Fraser’s most up to date thinking on various plots and approaches as well as entirely new material, which has moved away from the use of the ‘re-frame’.

It began as a follow up book to ‘Sui Generis’ but over the course of writing has evolved into its own book containing new ideas, arrangements and principles, as well as new effects utilising the ‘Sui Generis’ principle. ‘Sui Generis’ was Fraser’s ground-breaking, highly acclaimed method for guessing words and names entirely prop-less. He expands on this work in interesting new ways and teaches various different applications and effects utilising this principle. This includes his ‘Alphabet Cards’ prop-less image guess, where a spectator thinks of a letter of the alphabet and a simple image that begins with this letter and you are able to reveal their thought of image. This is childishly simple, super fun and easy to perform. Also included is a reverse name guess utilising ‘Sui Generis’ where the spectator uses their intuition to guess the name of someone the performer is thinking of. It is the scripting that makes this so clean, compact and effortless. Ross Bartels also teaches his effects, subtleties and expanded work on the ‘Sui Generis’ principle.

There is also an entirely new principle entitled ‘There are Two Colours’ taught in the book, as well as various uses for it, including the simplest prop-less star sign guess ever (yes, even easier to perform than ‘Gestalt Star Sign’ ). This principle also allows for a beautiful, self working version of a ‘Trojan horse’ style effect, otherwise known as the ‘Hidden Objects’ plot. The spectator places three objects away based on a certain preference and where they have hidden each object can then be revealed or predicted ahead of time. Fraser was very excited when he discovered this principle, realising it would simplify a lot of his work and open up further possibilities in regards to its use and the effects that are now possible.

Mixing various principles together it becomes possible to perform a drawing match up effect between two spectators utilising nothing but your words. They first get in sync with each other by thinking of a colour and changing their mind a few times. This is a free choice which is based entirely on their preferences. They settle on a colour and think of a letter within the colour then think of a simple image that begins with this letter. Each spectator can then either verbalise what they are thinking or draw their thought of image and these will be seen to match perfectly.

Also taught are various new ideas and approaches to the “Which Hand” plot. Included is a beautiful one phase version where you label each hand as a different image or word of your choice and successfully guess which image the spectator is thinking of and therefore, which hand the coin is hidden in. The crazy thing about this reveal is the fact you never need to know where the coin actually is. There is also Fraser’s whisper idea which allows someone else to attempt to guess in which hand the spectator has placed a coin. You will always be seen as successful in this phase of the routine. Fraser has also included his ‘self contained’ way to create three rounds of this classic game with very little work. All of these methods are completely verbal and allow you to perform with any small object that can be hidden in someone’s closed fist.

Also included in this release is a new version of the 3, 6, 9 number force. This allows for a modular way to think about forcing a number. In fact, it isn’t really a force as it involves free choice. The performer attempts to send a number to the spectator mentally. They add their free choice to what they imagine the performer was trying to send and this gives them a completely random number to work with. The effect you use their thought of number for is dictated by the number they happen to think of. This can lead to a reverse pin (also taught) or any other effect that utilises a single digit force number.

This book also contains an updated handling on Fraser’s hands off ‘Card At any Number’ effect ‘Azlan’ which removes the need for the spectator to reverse count the cards in their hands. There is also new work on his ‘Sonder’ principle, which includes a wonderful reverse star sign guess where the spectator attempts to guess the star sign of the performer and in doing so, they secretly give away their own sign. This is also taught within the context of a prop-less ‘Drawing Duplication’ effect.

More is taught within the pages of this special release from Fraser but for now this is all he will say. You will receive a hardback book the same size and format as ‘Sui Generis’. This release is self contained and you will not need to own any of Fraser’s previous releases to perform what is taught.