PH – Pharasyte 3 (in korean)


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S.O.M is the first, and seventh, work of 2017.
This is New DVD from S.O.M. It is 7th.

A follow-up to Pharasyte 2, currently on sale in the US Ilulogisto!

In Korea, S.O.M’s Pharasyte 3.0 will be released.

Realize the ability to play like a dead pool at the end of your hand.

After tearing off a part of the card in front of your eyes, the torn card is restored to its original shape in an instant.
Special effects such as movies can be realized in reality.

The process of making gimmicks is not difficult and is possible with simple materials.
When you play a DVD, it’s easy to learn enough to be able to direct it.

In 2017, learn the next step in card recovery tricks right now!

You can give the card to the audience as a gift.
You can sign on the card.