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Imagine if you could do Drawing Duplications without Pr*-Sh** and without p**ks

If you are looking for stunning, practical and direct effects ,Snapis for you!

Snap is a compendium of Drawing Duplications from previous Peter´s releases (Devious Realities and Dare to Be BOLD).

Read minds, describe personalities and much more with these Drawing Duplications.

We also add Peter´s ideas on DR/IS and a bonus close-up drawing duplication from Pablo Amirá.


  1. Mind Plant:A subject thinks of a word, number orpicture and you are able to reveal it. Nothing is written down and no preshow.
  2. Drawing out Personality:A very sneaky drawingduplication that will have you wondering why you never thought of it!
  3. Essay:Thoughts in working with DR and IS.
  4. Simon Says:This D. D. a thing of beauty! Even the

audience is under the instant spell of the performer.

  1. Just 2 DD (Pablo Amirá):2 visible business cards and avery direct and clean drawing duplication.

Although this work reads like a pipe-dream , is as real as you can get.

Check an informal performance of one of the effects from Snap called “Mind Plant”.


Peter Turner is damn devious

Kenton Knepper

Peter has a truly brilliant mind in mentalism,

it must be spread on in the community

Pablo Amirá

Peter Turner’s approach to DR is well conceived, good job.

Luca Volpe

This man is a genius when it comes to creating

Chris Rawlins

The genius that goes on in the mind of

Turner goes above and beyond


This is the best mentalism I have come across since L.Jermay

Eric Eostresh