Perseus Arkomanis – Mosaic

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“If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of this book, invest in it.
I promise you it’ll be worth it.”

– Jeremy Griffith (aka @lost_angelus)

A mosaic is something that’s made up of lots of tiny pieces.

On their own, they seem irregular and insignificant, but together they make a work of art.

The same can be said for magic:

  • Take a trick
  • Distill the method
  • Pair it with a narrative
  • Establish your reasoning
  • Refine your script


All of these elements together, working symbiotically, create a world-class performance… and that’s exactly what this book will teach you to do.

Mosaic is packed with 30 effects and a masterclass on scripting magic, across 527 pages, beautifully explained with 550 custom illustrations by the author himself.

You’ll learn the secrets behind Perseus’s refined repertoire as well as the exact scripts he uses to perform them.

“Mosaic is a work of great passion and it will delight you on many levels.”
– Michael Ammar

Perseus won’t just tell you how, he’ll show you how. So you’re not just learning 30 of his battle-tested routines, you’re also absorbing the process he used to make them.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to make your own routines ever better.

“We are blessed that he has shared this [very] huge book with us. I’m very impressed… It comes with my highest recommendation.”
– Michael Vincent


Featuring a foreword by Eric Mead and almost as many endorsements as there are pages, Mosaic is a must-have in your magic collection.

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