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Meshugaas translates to mad or idiotic thinking and this booklet with a trio of effects showcases just that.

These are some of the craziest concepts that you have to see to believe them and Perna gives a guarantee that they will put a smile on your face.

Here is what is inside Meshugaas:

Majuscle: A deck of alphabet cards is presented and the participant is asked to make a blind choice of a card underneath the table, remember the letter, and lose it in the pack.

The performer goes through the pack, takes out a letter, and the participant is asked to name what letter they are thinking of and the performer is shown to be correct!

The performer does this again but inside takes out a card and doesn’t show the participant the letter. The performer lays down an array of alphabet cards and the participant chooses one.

Without any hints or magician’s choice, the participant can divine what letter the performer took out!

Motif: The performer asks the participant to think of a drawing. They are given a pen and billet and then asked to close their eyes.

The performer begins to draw a line and the participant draws a line. Surprisingly after this back and forth of drawing, the participant and performer draw the same thing.

Everyone watching on can watch you complete the drawing before the participant does!

Banshee Peek: The participant writes a piece of information on a billet and places it on the table. The performer holds the participant’s arm with both hands and takes them through a process to help with reading their mind.

During this, the performer can peek at the information on the billet unbeknownst to the participant. This involves no special billets and can be done at a moment’s notice.

If you want to shock your audience with some of the most shocking mentalism effects. Buy Meshugaas today!