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Pseudo-hypnosis is an interesting topic in the mentalism community and Perna has presented us with their work on the subject.

In Effigy, you will learn some pseudo techniques which are perfect for the performer who wants to get into doing hypnosis.

What you will learn in the manuscript is the following:

Bacchanalian: The performer puts the participant under hypnosis and the performer is seen pouring water into a cup. The performer can make the participant believe that there is alcohol in the cup by altering their sense of smell. Once the participant awakes from the trance they can taste that it was water the entire time!

There is no switch of the cup and you can perform this anywhere at any time!

Maligner’s Innuendo: This is a technique that allows the performer to reveal information about the participant that hasn’t been written down.

If you would like beginner material to get into the realm of hypnosis, this manuscript is for you!

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