Penguin Live Online Lecture (august 18th, 2013) by Gaetan Bloom


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“Gaetan Bloom is one of the most creative and interesting people I have ever met. He’s a genius when it comes to magic but he’s much more than that. An amazing man, an incredible thinker and a top performer who knows how to really entertain an audience. He will fool you. He will make you laugh. And best of all he will inspire you.” -Luis de Matos

“One of the greatest magical minds of our lifetime. He will fool you again and again.” -Andy Nyman

“Gaetan Bloom is a French national treasure. He is really a creative superman. The most amazing part is not the sheer quantity of excellent material he comes up with. Believe me, he has great ideas all the time. For me the real genius is how simple and clever his methods are. When I grow up I want to be Gaetan Bloom.” -Kevin James

“Gaetan is not only a superb inventor of subtle secrets, but he is also one of the most entertaining performers – one whose magic is the high watermark of visual deception.” -David Ben

“I gave him his first lessons in magic when, as a child, he came to see me at the magic shop saying that he wanted to become a magician. It is a joy to see that he has surpassed the master. Gaetan is a magic superstar.” -Dominque Webb

“Gaetan is one of the most original and creative minds in magic. I’ve performed with him and he’s a true gentleman with well thought out magic.” -Pete Biro

“Gaetan Bloom is the Einstein of Magic.” -Kozak

“He is a tireless creator; He has mastered the art of stage and theatre; He excels at comedy; He has technical expertise in film and television; He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the world of magic and entertainment; He knows how to create clever and original presentations.” -Christophe Henriot, Director of Varieties on French TV channel TF1

Who is he?

Gaetan Bloom is a tireless creator with an encyclopedic knowledge of the world of magic and entertainment in general. He performed his comedy magic act at the world famous Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris for more than 14 years. Gaetan excels in the art of comedy and magic and has become famous for creating clever and original routines that both entertain and fool audiences around the world.

In 2006, FISM honored him with a special award for “Creativity and Vision” in 2006.

What will he teach?

  • Standing Card
  • Inexhaustible sponge
  • Ring Flight
  • Lasso Rope
  • Slate Trick
  • Dice Game
  • Fish Game
  • Intercessor (with new handlings)
  • A Simple Book Test
  • The Banana Revisited
  • The Pins
  • 3card monte
  • and many more…..