Penguin Live Lecture (december 21st, 2014) by Jeff Prace


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“Jeff Prace is a very talented magic inventor!” – David Copperfield

“This kid is DANGEROUS!” – Paul Harris

“Jeff Prace pushes the boundaries of traditional magic. A rising star.” – MAGIC Magazine

What will he teach?


  • A borrowed ring to necklace that is PRACTICAL and SIMPLE
  • How to make the Bic logo permanently travel across a lighter
  • An ingenious method that causes the spectator’s headphones to play a song they were thinking of… when NOT PLUGGED INTO ANYTHING
  • A utility that turns your phone into an organic add-a-number pad
  • An IMPOSSIBLE transformation using borrowed pocket change and a borrowed camera phone
  • An impromptu miracle using an ordinary pack of breath strips
  • And MUCH more…

Jeff will discuss his best-selling marketed products, including Gum, Keylicious, Fuze, The Silencer, Voices, and some new, soon-to-be-released items!

For the first time on video, Jeff will also delve into the contents of his acclaimed Linking Ring column, ‘THE EXPERT AT THE TECH TABLE.’ He will showcase unbelievable feats using phones, cameras, earbuds, and more.

All the while, Jeff will demonstrate how to be more creative in your own magic.

Get ready for an action packed, informative lecture that features magic with everyday objects.

Who is he?

After working with Paul Harris Presents, Dan&Dave, The Blue Crown, Papercrane, Kozmo Magic, Wizard FX Productions, and TRCKY, and being published in GeniiMAGICReel MagicAntinomyMagicseen, and The Linking Ring, Jeff Prace is coming to Penguin Live!

Known to be one of magic’s most forward young thinkers, Jeff Prace has become recognized in the community for his unique, offbeat style of magic. At only 20-years-old, he’s consulted for top TV magicians in Las Vegas, performed live on NBC’s TODAY show alongside David Copperfield, and writes a monthly column in one of magic’s oldest and most prodigious periodicals, The Linking Ring.