Paul Voodini – 10 Steps to Tarot Mastery Plus

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Be a Tarot Expert!
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(with your order you will receive for FREE Pablo Amira-Present Reading System, which is available at the Arkanosophy Tarot)
 Originally released in 2018 as a 10 week email correspondence course, the collated and edited eBook is now available
 In ten simple steps, this PDF will take you from a nervous beginner to an experienced Tarot card reader, and more than that – you will be able to go out and deliver readings after the very first chapter!
This manuscript is close to eighty pages long, and gives you all the information, technique, and confidence you need to become a truly first rate Tarot card reader!
Written in Paul Voodini’s usual engaging and entertaining manner, this PDF is aimed at the mentalism and magic community, so you know you’re getting real world advice and knowledge from a performer and entertainer’s perspective.
All you need to become a fantastic Tarot card reader is this PDF, your enthusiasm, and a deck of Rider-Waite Tarot cards.
This manuscript uses the Rider-Waite tarot card imagery so it is recommended that you have a deck at hand while learning (although the lessons taught can easily be transposed to other styles of Tarot).


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