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The Ask Paul Podcast Episodes are no longer available online, this is your chance to grab all of them on one USB device including the Extra Content files.

Every single week for a whole year of my life, a new episode of the ‘Ask Paul Podcast’ was released.

The premise was simple; ask me a question relating to the entertainment industry, mentalism, magic or the business side of entertaining and I would answer it using my extensive knowledge in the field.


“MUST Listening!”

Marc Salem

On this USB device you get:

  • All 52 Episodes – an astonishing 44+ hours of audio

  • 28 Extra Content releases – covering 38 files with 12+ Effects

  • 5 High Quality videos – with more than 75 minutes of footage

  • Every ‘Show Note’ for each episode – containing useful information and links

  • Full Episode list and summary – for easy episode finding



“Professional, real-world advice born from experience. Paul knows his stuff, listen to him!”

Marc Paul



There are 52 episodes covering a wide range of topics that last on average around 50 minutes each per episode, totaling a whopping:


Each episode is accompanied with the full show notes for that episode which shares useful information and website links to helpful resources for the topic being discussed in the podcast episode.


Episode Topics Include:

  • Powerful Scripting

  • Propless Mentalism

  • Internet Marketing and Advertising

  • Playing Cards and Mentalism

  • Making More Money



“This is my favourite podcast. Paul always gives invaluable advice on just about every aspect of mentalism. This is coming from someone who does this stuff in the real world and is very successful at it. Listen to Paul, he knows…probably!”

Mark Chandaue


Extra Content

From Episode #10 each episode had an optional piece of Extra Content relating to the episode but at an additional cost of £7 GBP each.

On this USB you get ALL of the Extra Content, the original cost:

Was £196 GBP

Now £79 GBP

These 28 Extra Content releases include more than 12 mentalism effects and 5 high quality videos with over 75 mins of footage in 38 files.

“A great resource for anyone interested in mentalism, especially anyone who is performing professionally or thinking about taking that step. Paul provides interesting thoughtful commentary that always comes from a place that is authentic and earned – it’s full of insight and your investment of time in listening to it will doubtless be worth it many times over.”

Phill Smith


Extra Content Includes:

  • A Prop For All Platforms

  • Turning Website Visitors Into Bookings

  • Exclusive – Letter Less Mentalism Effect

  • Potential Client Send Out

  • Can My Character Perform This? Worksheets




With diverse subjects discussed, the ‘Ask Paul Podcast’ is extremely useful for both the beginner and the professional; a must-have item for any serious performer or scholar to own.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why did the podcast go offline?

This decision was taken for three main reasons. Firstly, I was struggling to fit the podcast into my busy schedule and would have hated it to have become a patchy affair. Secondly, the question asking had become very infrequent, even though the listener amount kept increasing substantially. Lastly, the increased listener rate (where people new to the podcast download all the past episodes) had meant a large increase in the cost for hosting this podcast on the correct type of server and service.


What file type are the podcast episodes?

The podcast episodes are all in .Mp3 format.


How many extra content files are there?

There are 38 Extra Content files in total covering editable documents, print-ready documents and video files.


What file types is the extra content?

The file types come in three different files types: PDF, .Doc and .Mp4


What is in the ‘show notes’?

Each of the show notes contains all of the relevant and helpful information (such as website links) relevant to the topic of each episode.