Paul Brook – 2 Day Course solid close-up mentalism – Alakazam Online Magic Academy


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Paul Brook presents a two day course focusing exclusively on real-world usable close-up mentalism.

On the first day Paul will share with you his thinking on how to construct solid close-up mentalism based on his extensive experience as a corporate entertainer. Paul then shares six hard-hitting mentalism effects that you can start using immediately to mystify and amaze people. With no playing cards used, the effects cover a diverse array of categories and there is truly something for everyone.

Day two steps-up the gears and the subject turns to professional close-up mentalism. Paul guides you through the process of taking existing effects and turning them into money-making routines. Two complete and full performance routines are shared that are modular in nature, giving the performer full control of the working environment. For those serious about making money with mentalism, or for those interested to see what real-world mentalists perform, this is must-see material.

Along the way many tips, tricks and subtleties will be shared that will help you to revolutionise your mentalism performances. Leave your pipe-dreams at the door and let’s get serious.

**Please note due to the live nature of our courses the syllabus and or dates may be subject to change without prior notification